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Calm Little Minds is a leading specialist in Buckinghamshire, delivering prevention, intervention and treatment of emotional difficulties for children and families

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Hi, I am Jayne, Founder and Owner of Calm Little Minds.

Calm Little Minds was born in September 2018. Having worked for 16 years in the public sector with children, young people and their families, roles included Pre-School, Nurseries, Primary schools, Children Centres, CAMHS and School Nursing. Throughout this time of not only learning and gaining experience, i was also noticing the changes to the system and the ever growing waiting lists. From this i could see the negative impact on the services which were sadly over subscribed. The children were not getting the support quick enough and families were left in crisis. I felt that i needed to do something to help change this and to help our families who were in need of support.

Early Intervention is key and we pride ourselves on being able to have contact with you within a week. Time and time again i would meet a family and their story would be similar to many others, in the fact that they had been waiting for weeks, sometimes months and by the time a worker was allocated the work that needed doing was much more than the 6 week sessions allowed for.

Calm Little Minds aims to meet with you within the week, or where this is not possible, then as soon as they can, with a minimal waiting time. We provide appointments in school during the school day or after school appointments at one of our clinics.  We will of course do our best to work at a time and place that works for you as a family.


I like coming here because you're calm and you're fun. You have helped me become less angry.

Child aged 11

Hi, i Just wanted to say thank you for yesterdays Little Retreat. R came home with very positive and happy comments about the whole morning and is asking to go again. I was amazed at this as she has never asked to go back to anything she has tried before, so i'm really grateful to you all for making the morning an enjoyable experience helping her with ways to deal with her anxiety.

Parent - Little Retreat

Thank you so much for the feedback on J today. It is so good to hear he coped well, he certainly really enjoyed his day. As i suspected you and the team know how to manage a child like J and as a result the day was a success. Your school holiday club is absolutely what we have been looking for as he can't cope with regular clubs as they don't know how to handle him and he gets asked to leave. I have been looking at your flyer for the next dates in the school holidays, we will be regulars. L loved it as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Parent - Holiday Club Feb 2020

Inviting Calm Little Minds to support our children has been an incredibly beneficial experience. Jayne has quickly built positive and trusting relationships with the children and we are seeing marked improvements in their mental health and ability to self-regulate.

Senco @ Local Primary School

We asked Jayne to help our 6 year old 1:1 earlier in the year. She was just incredible and he asked everyday if it was the day he could see her again. I have also used the cam little mind holiday clubs for both my children over the summer and they have loved every minute, again asking when they can go back. I couldn’t recommend enough, one of my children is now under assessment for ASD and Jayne’s support has been invaluable

Parent - 1:1 intervention

E is so much happier now she can explain her feelings to me. She also said she wants to be a counsellor like you when she grows up, so she can help people, like you’re helping her. I was so impressed by this.

I think you are really important to her and the school are seeing she is responding well too, so all round signs of it going well.

Parent - 1:1 Intervention

Just wanted to send you a big thank you for the really lovely time you gave V this half term.
He came home so happy and with such lovely souvenirs. Life is hectic but I wanted to make sure that I got round to appreciating what you’ve offered and given.

Parent - Holiday Club

I would definitely recommend Calm Little Minds and think it is a fantastic service they offer.
Jayne did a 1-1 massage session with me at my home for my baby who has been difficult to settle and struggling with tummy related problems.
It was so helpful to learn different ways to massage and have such a hands on session. It was amazing to see how relaxed my daughter was after massaging her and using some essential oils.
Jayne has a lot of knowledge about essential oils and was able to give me advice on what I could use to help my daughter. Jayne was more than happy to answer all my questions and spend time going over anything I was unsure about. I was also given a very informative leaflet about massage which is very useful to remember the techniques - I wish health visitors provided this information Jayne gave me today as it’s all so helpful to know when trying to calm your baby and help them relax as much as possible and make them feel comfortable.
I have an older daughter who suffers with anxiety and worries a lot. After speaking to Jayne I am very interested in the Little Retreats and looking into sessions for her as other interventions are short term. Jayne is very calm, patient and easy to get along with which definitely helped the session be so successful.

Parent - Baby Massage

You are a miracle worker! She has come away really happy and will gladly come again - i understand she even opened up a bit about things! Amazing, thank you. Honestly F is already transformed, just much happier, calmer and loving! I can't quite believe the rollercoaster we have been on this week and the turnaround we have had. Thank you so much.

ParentMay 2021

Thank you for the end of service letter and all the work you have done with W. We all feel it has been extremely beneficial. It feels like we have the old W back, he’s definitely enjoying himself more. However as you know anger and difficulties expression of worries is ongoing.
I think your link to school really helped too, you being there observing and getting feedback was very helpful, I will definitely miss this.

ParentMay 2021