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Calm Little Minds offers an Emotional Well-being support service to primary school children and their families in the Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire area. We offer support for children who require support with their feelings, emotions, anxiety and self-esteem. Our service is friendly, private, confidential and affordable.

We offer help for common challenges facing children and young people growing up in today’s pressured world.  Whatever the issue, whether that be supporting Feelings and Emotions,  Worries, Anxiety, Anger or Low Self-Esteem.  Some Causes of these behaviours can be due to a number of reasons, including examination stress, parent separation, Bereavement and Covid. Calm Little minds is here to offer support to your child and family.

Age of Clients 

We work with children from year 1 upwards.  However, if you are really struggling to find some support for your child, please do get in touch with us and we will discuss with you what we think is appropriate.

School Group sessions

We have launched our new Emotional Well-Being Packages to schools. Working with individuals or small groups of children through the school referral system.  Please get in touch about these, as we can cater our packages to suit your school requirements.

Referrals from families

We work with an appointment system and where possible we will aim to see your child at a time and place that works for you.  This can be within the comfort and safety of the school environment, or you can come to us at our clinic.

Initial Assessments give us the time to meet you without your child present, we listen to you and assess your child to understand their unique situation. This appointment is up to an hour and takes place either at one of our offices or over Zoom.

We normally recommend that an average of at least six weekly sessions works well and we will keep you updated if there is a need for more or fewer than six, depending on the progress your child is making, however 12 sessions have much more impact and longer term benefits for your child.

We personalise the teaching of coping mechanisms to help with their needs, whatever is worrying them or detracting from them enjoying their childhood to the full, whilst increasing their resilience to help them with future challenges in life.

Our staff are all qualified within working with children and families, whether that be a level 2/3 in NVQ or even HND BA Hons degrees.  We ensure all staff employed by us are all fully DBS checked.

Your children are in safe hands as the staff are also all trained and qualified in paediatric first aid and all hold current and up to date Safe Guarding Certificates.