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Emotional Well Being service in High Wycombe

We are based in High Wycombe and work with parents in the surrounding areas, including: Stokenchurch, Marlow, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and the south east of Bucks.

Are you worried about your child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing?

Your child may be struggling with Anxiety or worries. They may be worried about new things, bed time, night time, being alone or going to school.

They may also be showing signs of low self-esteem – always commenting how rubbish they are at things, or how they can’t do something. Always looking at things from a negative approach.  They may also be showing signs of anger – with meltdowns, lashing out and misbehaving at the slightest thing.

We can support you as parents to manage this behaviour and also support children with their feelings, emotions and well being. We work creatively through play, games, craft and stories to teach children all about feelings, emotions and normalising how to express these.

We can work with children from year one and above in school or after school.  Creating a safe environment for children to feel safe to talk about their emotions and why they feel like that. We can then teach them how to manage these big emotions in a way that is safe for them.

You may also have had a change in family circumstances, such as parent separation, divorce, moved house, a bereavement, an illness, moved school, bullying, covid.  All these things can contribute to a child’s emotional well being and early intervention is key to supporting their needs.

Our service is friendly, private, confidential and affordable

Have you noticed that your child is showing signs that they are perhaps becoming overwhelmed from school work, homework, activities, after school clubs or just generally feeling and showing unhappiness? This can lead to low self-esteem in children, and then often start to disengage from things that they previously really liked.

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Emotional Well Being service in High Wycombe