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Corona virus.

Thinking back to March and this new word was becoming more and more used.  We were on holiday as it was unfolding back here and it felt like we were in a bubble miles away from the chaos. We missed the supermarket shelves being empty and people arguing over toilet roll, but while we were on the beach in Miami, it was making us really think about how we can continue to help and support our clients.

We discovered Zoom, which has since become a very popular method of face to face communication.  From the very first session, Zoom was successful for us, it made us realise just how our children can adapt.  They had to go through a process of schools finishing that week with no answer as to when they may open again, yet they log on to a Zoom call – something i am sure many haven’t done before and they take it on the chin and connect just as well as they would face to face.

We have had some great moments over Zoom some that we will never forget.  Singing, dancing, tours of the home, black screens, muted, ended calls and one of the funniest – Hide and Seek!

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during this time, we are always here for you.

‘We are all in the same storm, but we are all in our own boats’

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